Trends 2019 Bathing Suit Trends

2019 Bathing Suit Trends

We’ve searched thousands of social media posts, talked to fashion designers across the world, and learned from global taste makers in order to bring you this year’s Lookbook for swimwear trends! Swimsuit trends are changing very quickly and there are often several different trends that happen simultaneously every season. If you’re looking to have the …

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Trends Swimsuits for Las Vegas

Swimsuits for Las Vegas

When it comes to swimwear, Las Vegas is the world capital of hot and trendy looks. Bathing suit trends change almost monthly in Las Vegas so you can’t just take a swimsuit you’ve had for 4 years and throw it in your suitcase. Choosing the right swimsuits for Las Vegas is important. That’s why we’ve …

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Trends Social Media’s Best Bikinis for 2019

Social Media’s Best Bikinis for 2019

We’ve talked to designers and tastemakers, as well as browse early year swimwear trends overseas to come up with a list of the Best Bikinis for 2019! With the current trend toward racy cut-out one pieces, there are plenty of ways to show some skin this season. However nothing beats the classic, fun, and sexy …

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Trends Pool Party Outfits

Pool Party Outfits

Going to a club isn’t just a night time activity anymore. If you’re going to a day party in Las Vegas, Miami, or The South of France, you need to check out our pool party outfits. Pool parties require you to wear the trendiest, most fashionable swimwear. These pool parties are so fashionable, we saw …

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Trends Bikinis for Spring Break

Bikinis for Spring Break

Spring Break’s magic comes from the fact that its the first reveal of summer weather and summer bodies after a long cold winter. Bikinis for Spring Break tend to be more basic and more colorful than then super-trendy looks that come later in summer. Its a great time to try out what could be hot …

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Trends Amazing Summer Bikinis

Amazing Summer Bikinis

We’re always combing social media so we can be the first to discover the newest swimsuit trends. We’ve collected some cute women’s bathing suits, along with our favorite, sexy, and trendiest bikinis for you to rock this spring and summer. All of our amazing summer bikinis can be found on our not-so-secret apparel site, Amazon! …

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Trends Sheer Swimsuits

Sheer Swimsuits

The popularity of sheer swimsuits has grown in the last few years. The playful and daring look started to be popular in Spring of 2017 only to get eclipsed by other styles later in the summer. With Hollywood celebs pushing more risque looks combined with new ideas about how a woman can express herself expect …

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Trends One Piece Bathing Suits for 2019

One Piece Bathing Suits for 2019

We never thought that the hottest trend would be one piece bathing suits in 2018. For years, maybe our whole lives, one-piece swimwear was the modest, conservative choice. Historically the choice of moms, the one piece swimsuit covered up whatever you wanted covered up, because it covered everything. But not anymore. One piece bathing suits …

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