Social Media’s Best Bikinis for 2019

Social Media’s Best Bikinis for 2019

We’ve talked to designers and tastemakers, as well as browse early year swimwear trends overseas to come up with a list of the Best Bikinis for 2019! With the current trend toward racy cut-out one pieces, there are plenty of ways to show some skin this season. However nothing beats the classic, fun, and sexy bikini style. Whether you want versatile tops and bottoms that you can mix and match, or are looking to show off that rockin new body, the bikini is a style that’s never going away. Plus even if you are thinking about wearing one of those very trendy high-cut one piece bathing suits this year, its a great idea to get a good base tan with a hipster bikini bottom. The tan lines will help accent the cut of the one piece you choose to wear later this pool season!

Last year mixing and matching tops and bottoms was not in-style, this year people are starting to get creative and combine their favorite pieces together!

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As the spring and summer swimsuit season continues we’ll update our list with the newest and best bikinis for 2018. The great thing about the bikini cut is that you’ll be able to follow any trendy pattern. We’re seeing a lot of multicolored and southwestern themed swimsuits already starting to be trendy. However, even though multicolored styles are coming in, you’ll want to make sure your tops and bottoms match. The mixing of top and bottom styles we saw a few years ago are definitely out!

As a general rule, when shopping for a bikini for spring break, you’ll want to choose a fun and active swimsuit so you can jump in the pool at a moments notice. For a pool party outfit you’ll probably want to choose something more creative and bold.

As always you’ll want to read the reviews online to see if you should order a size up or a size down.