One Piece Bathing Suits for 2019

One Piece Bathing Suits for 2019

We never thought that the hottest trend would be one piece bathing suits in 2018. For years, maybe our whole lives, one-piece swimwear was the modest, conservative choice. Historically the choice of moms, the one piece swimsuit covered up whatever you wanted covered up, because it covered everything. But not anymore. One piece bathing suits will own 2018 for two reasons, First: super high cuts, Second: cut out patterns.

Super High Cuts:

Here’s what we love about the super high cut swimsuits in 2018. The cut exposes your leg and thigh, giving you a greater silhouette and displaying beautiful contours. It can complement nearly any bod style and even if you’re not confident showing your midsection you can still very enticing!

Here are a few of our favorite One Piece High Cut Bathing Suits for 2018 available on
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hot rope tie one piece swimsuit
deep v monokini one piece
lace up monokini















Cut Out Patterns:

Cut out swimsuits show off what you want, where you want. There are so many different designs that you’ll have a unique piece, no matter how many people are at the pool party! Pear and apple shapes do great with cut-out style swimsuits by providing support where you need it but still allowing you to accent your favorite features.

Here are a few of our favorite One Piece Cut Out Swimsuits for 2018 available on
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blue trendy cut out swimsuit
plunge neck backless cut out suit
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What’s so great about the one piece revolution is that any woman’s body can look great in this style. There are so many designs and cuts available that no matter your shape, style and preference you can find fun and sexy pieces.

Wondering where are all the one-piece swimsuits for 2018 that have fun little sayings on them? We’re taking a pass on those this year.  Unless you’re at a bachelorette party weekend in Vegas, avoid making your midriff a meme this year!