Sheer Swimsuits

Sheer Swimsuits

The popularity of sheer swimsuits has grown in the last few years. The playful and daring look started to be popular in Spring of 2017 only to get eclipsed by other styles later in the summer. With Hollywood celebs pushing more risque looks combined with new ideas about how a woman can express herself expect sheer swimsuits to be one of the biggest trends in this year.

How far you want to go is up to you, and the setting for your beach body debut. Most designs this year continue to be sheer one piece swimsuits which play well by balancing more revealing patterns to accent your body in fun and sexy ways. Plus if you’re looking for a one-piece to supplement your bikini collection that won’t look too prudish, this years sheer designs are sure to bring the complements!

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It should be noted that there is a big difference between sheer and mesh swimwear. Mesh swimsuits are designed to give you full coverage but make things more visible – like a full one-piece that shows of skin like a micro-bikini.

Sheer swimsuits are a whole different beast. Sheer bikinis and one-pieces are designed to have a see-through-when-wet look that give a very revealing look. In the current sate of the world we should all be allowed to express ourselves how we want and determine what we show, and when, and how. Sheer bikinis allow you to take the freethenipple movement to the poolside!

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sheer mesh floral swimsuit
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Its rare that you get a swimsuit that can be revealing and fun but still have the padding and support you need. With their fun and revealing looks its easy to see why sheer or mesh swimwear continues to dominate this year’s Best Sellers list. However if your concerned that your near see through swimsuit might be too daring, you might want to consider a cover up for sheer swimsuits. We often find that an extra fun piece of fabric can be a perfect way to keep the sun off your shoulders and provide a little bit of coverage! If you want to add a bit of modesty while still showing off your hot bod. A sheer swimsuit with a fun cover up is the perfect mix!

If you’re looking for a classy swim suit with a little bit of sex appeal, sheer and mesh swimsuits are one of our favorite picks for this year. We love the selection on Amazon, just be sure to read the reviews to see if you should order a size up or a size down.