Fun Unique Bathing Suits

Unique Bathing Suits

We’ve talked to social media taste makers, reviewed winter fashion shows, and researched small European brands to build our favorite collection of unique bathing suits. You probably won’t be surprised to find that the swimsuits we’ve showcased here take advantage of the 2018 bathing suit trends, such as cut-out one piece styles and chaotic patterns. …

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Fun Retro One Piece Bathing Suits

Retro One Piece Bathing Suits

We’re really excited to see the huge selection of cute and trendy retro one piece bathing suits available online. If you’re looking to channel the sexy swimsuits of your mom or grandma’s era, then 2018 might be your year. A retro one piece swimsuit allows you to have the coverage of a one-piece (not that …

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Fun What to Wear to EDC

What to Wear to EDC

Because we’re the leading resource for trendy bathing suit styles, a lot of our readers have been asking us what to wear to a rave. Since pool parties, and Las Vegas swimwear is our specialty, we thought we’d make a quick guide on what to wear to EDC. Since its in Las Vegas, in the …

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Fun Crochet Swimsuits

Crochet Swimsuits

The 1970’s are back! Just check out all of the new fun crochet bathing suits that are available. Crochet is a fun, relaxed look but the informal fabric with its loose knitting can also be very sexy and playful. The great thing about crochet swimsuits is that they comes in every trendy style from cut-out …

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Fun American Flag Swimsuits

American Flag Swimsuits

Let’s be honest. Nothing says “America” like the Stars and Strips over the boobs right ladies? Patriotic pasties aside, Fourth of July Swimsuits are a fun way to celebrate America and summer! There’s really two ways to do American flag swimsuits, the first is to get the Squad together and each choose a red, white, …

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